Founded by Stephan Grynwajc, a French lawyer (Avocat), a UK lawyer (Solicitor), and a lawyer in Canada and the U.S., the Law Office of S. Grynwajc assists U.S., Canada, and EU-based entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium size companies in their operations in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

We practice startup law, corporate and commercial lawprivacy law, technology law, contract law, and internet law, under French law, UK law, EU law, Canadian law, and U.S. law.

In a Nutshell

Transatlantic Perspective

Our legal qualifications in the EU, the U.S. and Canada allow us to provide the best legal support to the entrepreneur and start up community on both continents, and to be particularly well positioned to assist our clients in their international expansion plans.

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Digital Focus

Looking for an Internet or Privacy Lawyer? Our firm specializes in the technology sector, and in the practice of technology, intellectual property, data protection/privacy, and digital law, under European, Canadian, and U.S. law. Ask us about GDPR!

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In-House Services

In need of additional legal help? We also serve as acting General Counsel or provide supplemental legal support to companies, particularly in connection with the drafting and negotiation of international contracts under French, UK, U.S., and Canadian law.

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Our Services

Data Protection, Privacy, Data Security

We assist our clients in complying with all aspects of EU, Canadian, and U.S. privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR!

Technology Law

We provide transactional support and advise on various aspects of technology and digital law in the EU, Canada, and the U.S.

Social Media Bubble
Internet and Social Media Law

We assist our clients in their e/m-commerce, as well as in their internet and social media activities in the EU, Canada, and the U.S.

Business Contract
Contracts and Commercial Law

We provide on-demand transactional support to clients in need of dedicated in-house legal resources and contract attorneys.


 The Firm

UK lawyer stephane grynwajc
Stephan Grynwajc

Managing Partner

Admitted in France, England and Wales, Canada, and the U.S., Stephan assists companies of all sizes in their operations in the EU, Canada, and the U.S.


4 Jurisdictions - 4 Legal Systems

3 Juridictions, 3 legal systems

We provide legal advice and transactional support to clients under U.S., Canadian, English and French law

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So, Is Privacy Shield GDPR Compliant?

Stephan Grynwajc  Comments (0)
In the first edition of this article published on this blog on March 3, 2018, I explained how the Privacy Shield fits within the overall question of compliance with GDPR, and whether it is deemed...

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