Our particular positioning

We provide legal services to a clientele of entrepreneurs, start ups and small to medium size companies in the EU, the US, as well as to those doing business between the EU and the US.

Our clients range from technology companies of all sizes to companies which do not come from the technology sector but which need help in complying with various technology, digital, internet and privacy laws and regulations in Europe and in the US. While some of our clients need our assistance in their domestic market, most of our work focuses on helping clients manage their cross-border day-to-day operations between Europe and the US, from drafting and negotiating contracts under European and US law to ensuring that their general terms and conditions of business, their marketing collateral and their privacy policies comply with laws in both Europe and the US. Our dual civil law and common law-trained lawyers are versed in both EU and US legal concepts and, as such, are able to bring about the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our services are at the crossroads of the following three perspectives:

Transatlantic Legal Services

We assist companies in their cross-border operations between the EU and the US.

Our dual qualification as lawyers in both the EU and the US, combined with our many years of professional experience in France, the UK and the US, allows us to be ideally positioned to understand the needs of both European companies looking to establish themselves or expand in the US, and of US companies interested in doing business in Europe.

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Digital Focused Law Office

We focus on serving the particular needs of the technology sector and the technology legal needs of companies of all sectors.

We get Tech! From our many years of experience working with and for technology companies, we gained a particular understanding and knowledge of the specific needs of that industry.

Our main areas of practice include technology law, software law, cyberlaw, internet law, computer law, e-commerce, IP and IT law, as well as social media law, privacy and data security law.

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In House Legal expertise

We serve as "on demand" in-house lawyers for companies with no internal legal team or with existing legal departments in need of supplemental support.

Our more than 15 years of experience working as in-house lawyers in both the EU and the US.puts us in an ideal position to understand and support our clients' business objectives.

We serve as acting General Counsel to a number of small and medium size companies that require dedicated, in-house legal management and resources, but which are not yet large enough to justify hiring a full-time in-house counsel.

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