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UK Mini-Guide

With over 500 million consumers, the E.U. and its 28 Member States is the world’s largest market economy. The UK’s economy is itself the 6th largest economy in the world. The country’s pivotal location in Europe makes it a perfect springboard for companies looking to expand in other European countries. For an entrepreneur accustomed to conducting business in English, a transition to the UK market is particularly appealing given the ability to use existing technical, sales and marketing materials.

Are you a startup looking to expand into the E.U.? In this mini-guide for entrepreneurs and startups I outline some of the key differentiators of the UK market for startups, and I decipher the legal and regulatory landscape associated with doing business in the UK.

We have created this mini-guide to provide some preliminary guidance in how to successfully establish your business in the UK market and, from there, how to best position yourself to do business in the rest of Europe. We are confident that our mini-guide will help you better understand some of the key aspects of doing business in the UK and will be the starting point to prepare you and your business for the next phase of your international growth!