Seminar : GDPR Is Coming – Are You Ready?

Are you a startup looking to expand its activities in the EU? How much do you know about privacy laws in the EU and the new EU Regulation on Privacy set to come into force in May of this year? Do you know that even if you have no presence in the EU but that you collect data of EU residents for your business, you may be on the hook for penalties for violations of up to 4% of your worldwide annual turnover?

In this seminar we’ll introduce the new landscape for privacy in the EU in the context of the new EU Privacy Regulation, and we’ll share a few tips on how to start preparing for its implementation.

This seminar will take place om January 8, from 11am-1pm at WeWork, 33 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003. 

If you’re interested to attend please let us know. Spots are limited.